What Lamination Should I Choose for my Business Cards?

Choosing a lamination for your business cards can be tricky. Compared to standard printed business card, by applying a lamination can increase the colour vibrancy as well as the overall durability of your cards. At Myriad Print, we currently offer three different laminations, each with a unique set of advantages which will will describe below.

What are the Benefits of Laminated Business Cards?

Business cards that have been laminated have a layer of protective film that is applied with heat over the original, unprinted card. This helps shield the card from deterioration that occurs over time. Consider how many times a business card is changed hands. After a long period of time the card could eventually stop being readable, rendering it useless and your details lost.

By purchasing a laminated business card can help you to avoid this problem. Laminated business cards offer extra durability, can not be easily bent, and the printing on the card will not wear off over time helping your branding stay strong and relevant.

Matt Lamination

Matt lamination is our most popular lamination, and it is clear to see why. Adding this type of lamination to your business cards will offer extra durability as well as a luxury and elegant finish. This type of lamination will give your design a softer appearance, and can take the edge off some colours. If is possible to write on matt laminated business cards, so some businesses such as beauty salons or tattoo parlours may use them as appointment cards.

Gloss Lamination

A gloss lamination adds protection and improves the overall vibrancy of your business cards. Because of the extra glossy surface, colours are brighter and attention-grabbing. In addition to this, design elements such as graphics and lines will appear more defined, and photos will also look crisper and more vivid overall. Therefore, if you want to make your design more colourful and the colours appear richer, a glossy finish is the right option.

Gloss lamination provides excellent protection from scuffs, scratches and general daily wear and tear if stored in a wallet.

Soft Touch Lamination

Our soft touch laminated business cards have a smooth texture similar to that of velvet or a fresh peach. It has a lovely, soft, and tactile feel with a smooth, matte appearance that frequently surprises people and breaths luxury into your design. After all, a consumer will only physically contact with your brand through your card so if you want your business cards to have a lasting effect on a potential  new client then this is the ideal finishing touch.

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